Over the course of a summer, your lawn takes a beating from normal activities like mowing, kids playing on it, and walking on it—even raindrops and watering your lawn take a toll.  This normal activity causes the soil to compact, which limits the space for roots to grow, and prevents fertilizer and water from reaching the roots.

This soil compaction leads to thinning of grass, accumulation of dense thatch (which is a breeding ground for harmful insects and disease organisms) and generally makes your lawn more difficult to maintain.  A lawn aeration is a great way to reduce soil compaction.

Simply stated, aeration is the process of removing soil, using many small plugs, to allow a natural exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. These plugs remove thatch and soil, which allows the roots of your grass to grow deeper and stronger. 

Lawn aeration is best used as part of an overall lawn care strategy, but even just an annual aeration will help your lawn be healthier, easier to maintain and reduce pest problems.